Geometric Analysis of Uncertainty Sampling for Dense Neural Network Layer

Published in IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2021

For model adaptation of fully connected neural network layers, we provide an information geometric and sample behavioral active learning uncertainty sampling objective analysis. We identify conditions under which several uncertainty-based methods have the same performance and show that such conditions are more likely to appear in the early stages of learning. We define riskier samples for adaptation, and demonstrate that, as the set of labeled samples increases, margin-based sampling outperforms other uncertainty sampling methods by preferentially selecting these risky samples. We support our derivations and illustrations with experiments using Meta-Dataset, a benchmark for few-shot learning. We compare uncertainty-based active learning objectives using features produced by SimpleCNAPS (a state-of-the-art few-shot classifier) as input for a fully-connected adaptation layer. Our results indicate that margin-based uncertainty sampling achieves similar performance as other uncertainty based sampling methods with fewer labelled samples as discussed in the novel geometric analysis.

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